Yale Housing Association Limited has 3 entry levels to accommodation

First Level

A vulnerable person has never had their own tenancy and needs support form other services who we work with. This would be a shared property where the tenants would have their own room with their own bathroom. Their room would have a kitchenette area with a combi microwave oven, Kettle, and under the counter fridge. There are large communal areas within these properties.

This entry level to access quality housing is ideal for Young care leavers. Individuals who have never had their own tenancy and individuals who need more outside services involved to help them maintain their tenancy.

The tenancy agreement on these properties are a 7-day licence. This is to encourage no anti-social behaviour.

Second Level

The Second entry level is apartment and one-bedroom flats.

This entry level into accommodation is for individuals who have successful held a licence with Yale for a substantial amount of time and are tenancy ready.

This gives the tenant a 6-month tenancy agreement.

These properties are not shared.

If the tenant wishes to move on to the Third entry level after a successful 6 months tenancy onto a dispersed property in the community this will be encouraged.

Third level

This entry level to accommodation is for individuals who have been with Yale Housing Association Limited for a significant amount of time and have held successful tenancies with Yale.

The accommodations are dispersed around the communities of Oldham.

Growth of Yale Housing Association Ltd from 2016 to 2018

20 New tenants in 2016

36 New Tenants Jan-July 2017

7 New Tenants July- Dec 2017

13 New Tenants Jan- May 2018

By the end of 2018 Yale Housing Association Ltd plans to have 40 more properties in the Oldham Area.