Community Hub

Yale Housing Association Limited is very proud of its Community Hub.

The HUB is a central point that all Yale tenants can access daily. The HUB is open from 10am till 4 pm each day. The tenants can come along to the HUB and socialise with each other. There is a computer for the tenants use. The tenants can access housing advice from a training housing officer on site.

There is tea and coffee and snacks available for the tenants, also if a tenant has gone into crisis with their finances they can access food vouchers to attend a local food bank.

Yale Housing Tenants Association forums are arranged and run from the HUB. Our tenants are actively encouraged to plan the forums and run them from the HUB. The have an important part in the activities planned also they are asked to participate in advising the board on how we can improve the service Yale provides for them.

Yale Housing Association Limited plans to have a Hub in every area that we support our tenants in as the model has proved invaluable to sustaining tenancies.